Q&A Coated film
Q&A Coated film

Q1. What kinds of food packaging methods involving coated plastic film are there?

Q2.What kind of performance is required of food packaging materials?

Q3.Since when and how has polyvinylidene chloride been used?

Q4.What kinds of polyvinylidene chloride coating agents are there and what are their characteristics?

Q5.What kind of structure does polyvinylidene chloride coated film have?

Q6.  What are the advantages of polyvinylidene chloride-coated film?

Q7. How is the hygiene of coating agents and coated film checked?

Q8.What kind of equipment is used to produce polyvinylidene chloride-coated film?

Q9.What kind of quality tests are conducted for polyvinylidene chloride-coated film?

Q.10How much environmental burden does polyvinylidene chloride-coated film have compared with film made of other materials?